new season texture

Fashion is funny. As we head into Spring here in Melbourne and attempt to ditch jackets and knitwear to catch a glimpse of sunshine on our skin, the Northern Hemisphere starts shopping for their winter wardrobes. And all the while, the latest catwalks in New York, London and Paris, start showing the trends for next summer. Confused? Yep. Um. Agree! So right now, I'm just focusing on what I am loving, regardless of where it has come from! I am already happy to say good bye to this summers pastels, and instead I seek a wardrobe full of khaki, navy and black. Sounds boring I know, but it won't be! Fabric is key to making this all work well so I am on a desperate hunt for a perfect leather jacket (the biker will be huge!) And I am stocking up on anything with texture. Think embellishment, tweed knits or sigh embossed denim (the update on the print!). So here it is, anything baroque is in! And I for one can't wait to let me inner rock chic be a part of it. Yep, fashion is funny. x K  

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