london bound

Travelling for work is both a mixture of amazing and crazy. At the same time! And while I'm sure you think working in fashion is fabulous, (ok so I wont lie there are perks like shopping!) to me work trips are a crazed combination of too many sleepless nights on a plane, pounding the pavement for 10 hours a day (atleast!) and the constant worry of what if I miss a trend?! Add to that the stress of finding places where I can eat (hello wheat free dairy free diet), living out of a suitcase (how many times can I wear that tshirt hmmm), and you have yourself a crazy ten days (no weekend for me!) where the one constant is the vodka soda I consume before falling into bed at night. But did I mention that I love it? (And that I'm not an alcoholic?) Ofcourse I love to take along some creature comforts to get me through each trip, so here are a few of my favourite travel must haves. Plane time for me (hello vodka soda), I can't wait to bring you some fabulous inspiration from London x K

  • Metallic accessories are so hot right now, this is the perfect fits everything carry on
  • A mix and match black and grey wardrobe is perfect for travelling. This Top Shop scarf and RCS Cardi go back with everything. Love how the print on the back gives the cardi a cool edge
  • Peanut Butter bars are my go to snack for when jet lag kicks in
  • This Mimco travel wallet is old and warn, but is perfect for holding all my essentials

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