Travelling is always interesting. New food, new people, new fashion. You never know exactly what you will see, or what will inspire you. And while I have been crazed working in London for the past few (rainy) days (cheers London), it's finally time to move on to the glorious US of A. Specifically California. And aside from the 5am wake up call tomorrow, to me that means warmer weather, girls in cut offs and maxi dresses (summer inspiration at it's best!), and consuming copious amounts of fish tacos (and guacamole, which i swear is a food group!). So here's my good bye to London, and a big fat hello to LA. May you bring sunshine and summer fashion to my life x K  

Cute cosmetic case, Pull and Bear

Love this business man, skateboarding around the airport on 
the back of his briefcase. Where can i get one of those?
Breakfast at the airport, avocado and hummus are my diet staples!

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