owning your style

Style is a personal choice. And in the fickle world of fashion, there is no wrong or right. With trends slowing down world wide and now spanning across several seasons (gone are the days where every six weeks a new trend was dropped into store!!!) I am a massive believer in trying everything (life is too short not to, right!?). So consequently my wardrobe is a mix of on trend pieces from the high street, classic investment buys, and wear forever and a day vintage. To me, this is the perfect mix. But really it's about works for you! And the best thing about fashion is that inspiration comes from everywhere. (Think street style, blogs, vintage stores, episodes of Mad Men!) Today I was inspired on my morning coffee run (and in a few days time, I'll be bringing you inspiration from the Big Apple!!) With all my talk of neon, how can you not love the beaded knit that my girlfriend is wearing? Neon mixed with amazing nude makes the perfect statement. (Who says a coffee run can't be stylish?!) Yep fashion is truly is fabulous x K 

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