a week in pictures

 As we round the corner into our final week (crying, literally) I am still amazed at the amount of photos I am taking. Can you ever really take too many photos? I have decided no. The weather here continues to be HOT and I continue to be busy every second. Between school and studies, and shopping, and eating and soaking up the culture I literally haven't stopped since I got here. Just got myself a little fatter. And myself a few more trinkets. HA! But who am I to complain? I'm in NYC baby. So enjoy my latest pics and wish me luck for my final week in the big apple. x K
1 & 5) Brooklyn Bridge, walking across it to burn some calories!
2) Amazing wall of hats, so many great instore displays here
3) Hubby and I rooftop, enjoying the sunset and view
4) Can't seam to get rid of the tribal trend, lucky i rock it!
6 & 8) Fun weekend stop to Coney Island
7) Eating the best Vegan Gluten Free Ice-cream ever....at Lula's
9) New York and The World

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