american dreams

 I'm not leaving. There, I've said it. If only I could snap my fingers and make it true. I would love to stay long enough to attend New York Fashion Week. To take that pilates class I planned on going to. To go to the top of the Empire State. (Shameful, really, that i didn't have the time!) To just set out on foot and explore more (if thats possible!) But instead, off I go. No more gluten free bagels (yes I know, my thighs will thank me). No more morning Starbucks run. Back to cold old Melbourne. Sigh. So here it is. My last New York blog post. A snapshot of some of the true American moments from the trip. And incase I need to say it one more time, I heart NY x K 
1) Sunset from my rooftop, sigh
2) Dinner in the Meat Packing district
3) I will never get sick of riding in yellow cabs
4)My hubby enjoyed a few Buds over the course of our trip
4) The WTC memorial, inspiring, and sad
5)The great Statue of Liberty
6) Magnolia Bakery, thanks Sex and the City 
7)The great flag represents such patriotism 

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