new york dreams

For those of you that know me, my dreams of living in New York are no big suprise. And although working in fashion has meant lots of travelling the globe (yes you think im lucky, i get it!), I am yet to experience the thrill of waking up in a foreign city that I call home. So...after many discussions with the hubby we are going to the Big Apple so I can study at NY FIT for the summer. (Yes NY, in summer!!!) The fact that for almost 6 weeks I will be able to call New York home has got me so giddy with excitement that I've turned my kitchen into a mood board...yes I am slightly crazed. But come on, its NEW YORK! So I ask you now, please please please share with me all the fabulous things you have done in New York x K


  1. I'm so jealous.. I want to study in NY too!

    - Victoria

  2. I know Victoria, I am so excited! I hope you get there one day :)