sundae dreams

For my 21st birthday, I had a kiddy party. Think fairy floss and snow cones, and all things girly and fun. (Shall I also mention that for my wedding I wanted a Mr. Whippy Van, but my husband deemed that ridiculous!) So needless to say I am a fan of all things sugary and sweet. And that's exactly how London is making me feel right now. Think retro style quirky prints (hello Prada car print) and sugary pastels so tempting they make you want to eat candy all day long! (Nothing like a sugar high when your shopping!) Mix and match, or color block your favourite hue, there's no wrong color in the palette. Here's some of my favourite sundae moments x K

Perfect candy accessories
Amazing color blocked shoes, love the too cute sock combo
Paint your nails in every sorbet shade you can find
Quirky prints like ice-creams and cars are so on trend

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