date night

Every girl needs date night. A night where its just you, and your partner (and in this case a boat load of tourists!) So last night hubby and I set off on a romantic sunset cruise around NYC. Surprisingly, something I haven't ever thought to do before! So I put on my go-to fabulous DVF dress, (you know that one dress you own, that makes you feel fabulous no matter what?!), some new shoes, and even did my hair. Which, considering the windy boat trip, was completely pointless. But bad hair aside, what a glorious way to spend a night. Gorgeous views, a glass or two of champagne, and hubby. In the most amazing city in the world. Now thats perfection. x K
 1) Stand if you dare, amazing city skyline
2) Getting ready in our apartment
3) Endless city views
4) New shoes for date night, thanks See by Chloe
5) Statue of Liberty basking in the sun
6) Hubby and I with plenty of other boat goers enjoying the drinks and views


  1. OMG that photo of the statue of liberty could be a postcard!

  2. This looks like such fun! I love your outfit too.

  3. Thanks Kirsteen, I see DVF has updated it again... check out her website for some great pieces!