prints charming

Ok lame title. Totally. But I am a massive lover of prints. I am that girl that wears a ridiculously bright out there print dress every second day, and loves it. Even if everyone is staring. So I am delighted about all the prints I am seeing here. From tribal or ethnic inspired, to fresh for summer tropical and floral, and micro spots, and dots, (not to mention animal, retro and mirror prints!) there isn't a print look right now that isn't covered. And HOT! Mix and match as you see fit, with MORE definitely less. Here's a look at some of the print on print looks I'm seeing here in the stores of NYC. And if I can sneak away from hubby long enough to spend some money, this is the gorgeous photo print clutch I die for. Enjoy x K


  1. i need to wear more prints and brights like you do... mixing and matching prints is so trendy right now!

  2. I know Fashion Dawgs, its such an easy way to express....
    Sip-n-wear just be bold and try it! There is no wrong or right. I even love wearing a print dress and print scarf, easy yet so chic!