bright lights big city

Two amazing things have happened to me. Firstly, I saw Ricky Martin. Ok so yes it was in Evita, not dancing in some club, but still. Ricky Martin! I'm thinking that's a pretty good celeb sighting (which is only probably trumped by once seeing Posh Spice getting off my plane, and stumbling across the Sex and the City 2 Movie being filmed in Morocco!) And secondly, I fell in love with this dress. Quite frankly it holds the key to my happiness because it ticks so many of my current fashion prerequisites. Photo print. Check. Sequins. Check. Oversized wear with anything and can hide a "feeling fat day" silhouette. Check. In fact, I really feel fabulous, not only because I'm standing in the middle of Times Square about to watch Ricky Martin, but because I have this dress on. Oh and a blow out (yes blow wave here in the USofA) helps too. I am loving so many different looks this season, so I ask you, what are your fashion prerequisites for right now? x K

Dress Allsaints, Watch and Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes Zara, Braclets Ippolita and Tiffany & Co.

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